Posted on 26 Feb 2024

Packing a Punch: A Guide to the Best Ski Travel Gear

Mountains of ski and boot bags and luggage fill up our offices daily. So, it’s fair to say we have a few ideas about what makes the best travel gear for a ski vacation, starting with durability, visibility, and portability. To help ease any packing anxiety, we’ve rounded up the best travel gear to help you survive the schlep. Our picks will protect your equipment, organize everything from goggles to socks, and tote all the essentials to get you through a day on the slopes.

Ski & Snowboard Bags

Hard or soft?

Choosing between a hard or soft ski and snowboard bag often comes down to personal preference. 

Hard cases provide solid protection but can be heavier. Soft bags offer more versatility with multiple pockets and expandable features, ideal for packing more in – hats, gloves, goggles, etc. 

Features to look for:
No matter if you choose hard or soft, wheels are a must! Padding and straps to protect your equipment, multiple grab handles, lockable zippers.

Additionally, consider a bright color or distinctive tag to help your bags stand out in a mountain of luggage.

Top picks for ski and snowboard bags:

Boot Bags: Ski & Snowboard

Features to look for:

Standing mats to change in and out of boots, protective separate compartment for helmet and goggles, ventilation, tear-resistant lining.

Top picks for boot bags:

Hydration Backpacks

Beyond hydration, these packs have room to stash sunscreen, lip balm, and energy bars. 

Features to look for:

Make sure the pack has a low-profile design for sitting on the chairlift and can easily swing around to your front for getting on and off the lifts. Insulated sleeves prevent drinking tubes from freezing up.

Top picks for hydration packs:

Packing Cubes

With everyone you need to pack for a ski vacation, packing cubes are a must-have for keeping everything organized. From sunglasses, goggles, hats, gloves, socks, base layers, electronics, and sunscreen, these cubes keep everything neatly arranged. 

We’re partial to the Eagle Creek packing cubes since they’re a local Steamboat company right in our backyard, but they really are the best of the best for quality and functionality. 

Features to look for:
Material that allows you see what's packed inside. Compression zippers to compact clothing inside. Water-resistant for wet clothing and toiletries.

A few others make the list also:

Tote Bags, Backpacks & Duffles

Since organization is key to stress-free travel, these tote bags, backpacks and duffle bags top our list of favorites for toting, stuffing, and doing double duty.

Our favorites:

Features to look for:

Multiple pockets, separate compartments for storing electronics, dirty clothes or wet gear, padded shoulder straps.

While it can be daunting once you see your own mountain of luggage packed and piled up ready to go for your trip, don't worry. Let Moving Mountains "move the mountain." Our Guest Services Team can assist with shipping services; and once you arrive, our shuttle drivers will help transfer your gear. 



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