Posted on 12 Jul 2022

Interested in Buying a Luxury Vacation Home in Colorado? We Can Help

A regular highlight for us at Moving Mountains is when one of our guests decides they want to be the owner of a vacation home managed by us! It's a huge win-win. They get to continue experiencing the guest experience that we roll out for homeowners and guests alike, but this time in their own home – while creating the opportunity to generate meaningful revenue when not using their new home.  

Where do I start?  

Identify your goals.

Is this a second home for you and your family to enjoy and make memories, with the extra bonus of offsetting ownership costs with rental income? Are you buying this solely as an investment property with a revenue stream attached? Are you looking for a balance between the two? Knowing this will help your realtor identify the best areas and homes for you to look at. If your family’s wants and needs are the top priority, then that’s where you’ll start. We can help talk you through this process.  

Connect with the right realtor for you.

Moving Mountains understands the mountain towns of Colorado. If that’s where you’re looking, our managing broker specializes in pairing you with the right realtor that also understands the short-term rental market in the destination of your choice. We will speak with you about the goals you have identified, and then we will suggest some experienced and trusted realtors that would be the right fit for you.  

House hunting!

This is the fun part! Once we have connected you with a realtor of your choice and shared your family’s priorities, it’s time to start your search. This could be from afar with virtual tours, or come and visit us in Colorado and get toured around during your vacation time. This is a perfect time to experience the Moving Mountains hospitality to see what could be in store for you as a potential Moving Mountains homeowner and for your future guests.  

Determining the right home.

This is where your realtor will work hand-in-hand with the Moving Mountains team (and you – of course!). Our Business Development team can assist your realtor by providing realistic and detailed rental projections for the homes you are considering purchasing. We can guide you on what makes a vacation home a high performer and how to set it up to build a repeat clientele that will come back year after year. Moving Mountains has nearly 25 years of experience in the luxury vacation home rental market in Colorado, we have the expertise and data to back up our estimates to help you make the correct choice for you and your family.  

Determining the right property manager.

We hope by the time you get to this step, you will believe Moving Mountains is the right choice for you. When choosing a property manager, you should consider someone with enough experience that will protect your home like it was theirs, treat you like a guest so you can enjoy it without a to-do list, and help you achieve your revenue goals.  


Do you think you’re interested in purchasing a luxury vacation rental home in Colorado? Contact us today, and we can help start you on this process. 



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