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30 Jul 2021
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Work has begun on Steamboat Resort’s $135 million base area redevelopment and on-mountain improvement plan. The development is scheduled to take place over the next three years.  

Check in here for regular updates to the Steamboat Gondola Move and Steamboat Base Redevelopment. 

What’s Happening Now? 

July 30, 2021

Steamboat Base RedevelopmentIt feels like Steamboat's base area is looking different every day! With the demolition complete, it's now in the building phase. We wanted to check in with you and show you some of the progress and what you can expect in the days ahead. 








Base Area Improvements

 Steamboat Base Area Improvements

Upcoming Timeline

Steamboat Base Area Improvements Timeline

Steamboat Base Area Improvements Timeline


July 20, 2021

Steamboat Gondola RedevelopmentSteamboat Gondola Redevelopment

The new Gondola terminal is in place! The walls are being built for the operator cabin. The demolition of the stage is complete and work has begun on the utilities under the plaza. Work has begun on the "Gold Walk Entrance" including the foundation for the future escalator. 

With all of this demolition and work, it's almost unrecognizable. We can't wait to see what's coming next!

 New Steamboat Gondola Terminal

June 8, 2021

 Steamboat's Gondola building is coming down. Demolition and clearing of debris is happening at warp speed!

Steamboat Gondola Building DemolitionSteamboat Gondola Building Demolition

Steamboat Gondola Building DemolitionSteamboat Gondola Building Demolition

May 25, 2021

Watch the live feed of the demolition of the Steamboat ski school building. Making way for the future!

APRIL 19, 2021  

Steamboat Gondola Square Redevelopment Begins

After the mountain closed on Sunday, April 11, fencing went up and crews began clearing out the gondola and ski school building. 

This is the first step being taken for the gondola square design as the gondola will be moved 300 feet east onto the mountain in place of where the magic carpets are currently. Demolition will likely begin in about a month.  

Christie Peak chairlift will run this summer instead of the gondola. 


What Are The Plans? 

Plans: Gondola Square Redesign 

Steamboat Base Redevelopment Schematic

The first step has already begun, which is moving the gondola to an on-snow location. It will move 300 feet east over Burgess Creewhere the magic carpets currently are. 

The current gondola and ski school building will be demolished to make way for a complete Gondola Square expansion and transformation.  

Steamboat Gondola Square Redevelopment Rendering

Plans are for Gondola Square to become a multi-use, amenity-rich plaza with additional dining, retail and entertainment options, as well as adding welcoming gathering spaces. An ice rink, outdoor seating and fire pits are also in the plans.  

Another exciting enhancement to Gondola Square is the arrival experience. There will be a new escalator to bring guests down into the square. This will eliminate the multiple levels of cumbersome stairs that currently exist. 

New Steamboat Base Redevelopment Rendering

Plans: On-Mountain Development  

Wild Blue Gondola Schematic

Over the next three years, there are master development plans in place for: 

Wild Blue Gondola: 
  • Will be the longest 8-person gondola in North America at 3.16 miles from the base to the summit at the top of Sunshine Peak. 
  • Will increase the out-of-base capacity from 6,000 people per hour to 10,000 people per hour. 
  • Will provide access to a new ski school area in the current Bashor Bowl. 
Add 650 acres of advanced terrain in the Pioneer Ridge area: 
  • This would expand the trail map by 20% to a total of 3,620 acres – would make Steamboat the second largest ski area in Colorado. 

Stay tuned for regular updates to the Steamboat Gondola Move and Steamboat Base Redevelopment. 


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