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More snow on the way
On Sunday, expect snow showers with light and random accumulations. Then the best chance for steadier snow will be on Sunday night through Monday midday. Most model forecasts show a few narrow lines of deeper snow with most areas seeing lighter snow.
award winning snow
And the award for Best Performance in a Snowstorm goes to … Steamboat! Once again Mother Nature’s favorite child seemed to be Steamboat in this latest storm system. While the rest of the world was watching the Oscars, we were watching the accumulation.
More snow on the way
During the winter months watching the weather is just what we do. Every weather system coming our way is laden with fun (A.K.A. Powder) and when it snows in Colorado everyone is happy!
Steamboat Flight Sale
Wrap up a low-priced airfare to Steamboat in 2020 this Christmas! Steamboat’s having an airfare sale. We don’t know if Santa partnered up with the airlines or it was just time for a Christmas miracle, but direct flights to Steamboat, Colorado are on sale right now (and only until December 17, 2019).
what is new in steamboat
For many years, Steamboat has been strictly a meat and potatoes kind of place. Don’t worry, our beloved Ore House and E3 are still serving up those sizzling ribeyes, Back Door Burger and Old Town Pub still pile high the burgers.
first snow
There’s a buzz in the air with this week's weather forecast, calling for snow and cold temperatures starting Wednesday evening through Thursday. So, by the time you are reading this, picture ski towns in the Rocky Mountains turning from golds and yellows of fall to the cool crisp white of winter and the ski season ahead.