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Water Activities in Steamboat | Moving Mountains

We’ve been known forever as Ski Town USA, and in the last decade or so as Bike Town USA, but did you know that we could also be called Water Town USA? 

Ok ok, Michigan and Minnesota...

Biking in Steamboat | Moving Mountains
Whether you're the kind of person who has been pedaling your Peloton training bike practically to the moon and back and are ready to take your ride OUTSIDE or you're a seasoned rider with many miles under your wheels already, Steamboat has the bike ride for you!
fish creek falls | Moving Mountains
While daydreaming of Steamboat usually conjures up images of champagne powder and cowboys, there’s another iconic attraction that every visitor should go and see.
Steamboat Sleigh Ride | Moving Mountains
When you’ve got cowboys on every corner, a ranching heritage and no shortage of gently rolling hills and horses, your town becomes a bit of a sleigh ride mecca! It’s quintessential Steamboat.
Steamboat in Fall | Moving Mountains
As summer turns into fall Steamboat’s mountains and valleys turn to gold. It’s a stunning a time to be here! A visit to Steamboat Springs in the fall months is a must, with peak colors typically falling between mid-September to early-October. Below our some of the best ways to enjoy Steamboat in the fall.
Steamboat Horseback Riding | Moving Mountains
Other than the fun and adventure of riding horseback, one of the biggest reasons we hear guests enjoy it so much is because they are actually able to “see” the views and wildlife around them, as opposed to when hiking or biking.
Steamboat Biking | Moving Mountains
If you haven’t heard, Steamboat has become a biking mecca for road- and mountain-biking enthusiasts alike. Endless views, roads, and trails to take in as you roll over the pavement (or the dirt). In case you hadn’t heard, Ski Town, USA®, quickly turns in to Bike Town, USA®, each spring - and it’s no joke.
Steamboat Springs Summer | Moving Mountains
Steamboat summers are an outdoor lover’s paradise. When the snow melts and the green valleys and wildflower-studded mountains emerge, this ski town doesn’t slow down a bit. In fact, you could say Steamboat summers are even more engaging and active with a variety of summer activities...