Things To Do Breckenridge Biking | Steamboat Springs Events

Breckenridge Biking | Steamboat Springs Events

Park your car and explore Breckenridge on two wheels! Bike enthusiasts of all levels love the miles of terrain Breck has to offer from cycling, mountain biking, gravel and cruising into town - there are more than enough reasons to get out and explore...

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Things To Do Breckenridge EPIC Discovery & Ziplining

Breckenridge EPIC Discovery & Ziplining

Epic Discovery Season Dates:

Open daily mid June – early September 

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Things To Do Breckenridge Fly Fishing

Breckenridge Fly Fishing

Breckenridge is home to some of the best fly fishing waters in the state of Colorado. Grab a guide and experience Breckenridge fly fishing at its finest....

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Things To Do Breckenridge Golfing

Breckenridge Golfing

While our golf season might be short compared to more tropical destinations, we can say that waiting for the snow to melt in order to play one of Breck's picturesque golf courses is well worth the wait.

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Things To Do Breckenridge Hiking

Breckenridge Hiking

Breckenridge is surrounded in almost every direction by National Forest and Wilderness Areas with many trailheads as well as Quandry Peak close to town. Whether you are looking for a couple hours' hike, or a multi-day backpacking trip, Breck is ...

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Things To Do Breckenridge Horseback Riding

Breckenridge Horseback Riding

Some may argue that Colorado was meant to be experienced on horseback. While hiking and biking might have you staring down at the ground more often than not, horseback riding enables you to sit back in your saddle and fully enjoy the scenery from up ...

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Things To Do Breckenridge Mine Tours

Breckenridge Mine Tours

Did you know that Breckenridge was a bustling town before it was a ski resort? So how did Breckenridge come to be in the first place? Gold mining! There’s no better place to begin your understanding of the early days of Breckenridge than with a...

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Things To Do Breckenridge Paddle boarding

Breckenridge Paddle boarding

Once the ice has melted in the Breckenridge high-country, it’s hard to find a still body of water without witnessing stand up paddle boarding in Breckenridge, also know as SUPing. With rental locations throughout Breckenridge, SUPers flock...

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Things To Do Breckenridge Rafting

Breckenridge Rafting

When you have winters as robust as we do, rafting is an exciting way to experience Breckenridge and the surrounding area with trips down neighboring rivers with Class IV+ white water.  Rafting in our area is for all interests and abilities....

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Things To Do Breckenridge Tennis & Pickleball

Breckenridge Tennis & Pickleball

Pickleball is exploding in popularity in Colorado and across the country. Enjoy tennis and pickleball year-round in Breckenridge with indoor and outdoor options. Pack your raquet or paddle along with your summer gear and head over to one of seve...

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Things To Do Visit the Breckenridge troll

Visit the Breckenridge troll

Isak Heartstone (the Breckenridge Troll) just may be modern Breckenridge’s most famous resident. Isak’s smiling face greets many visitors to his new home along Illinois Creek off of Boreas Pass Road. He must be happy to be ...

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