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January 21st, 2020


46th Annual Bud Light Cowboy Downhill

It’s time to grab your herd, saddle up your snowboard, throw a lasso around the next airplane and park your boots at the 45th annual Cowboy Downhill. Because nothing says Steamboat quite like the Cowboy Downhill.

Apparently when your day job consists of hopping on a bucking bull or bronco, it’s no big deal to just strap on skis (for the first time!) and hurl yourself down a mountain and over a few jumps for show.

As the legend goes, back in the 70’s, Billy Kidd (Olympic Gold medalist and Steamboat’s Director of Skiing) and Larry Mahan, six-time All-Around World Champion cowboy decided to invite a few of their ProRodeo pals for a day of skiing after the National Western Stock Show in Denver. Word travels fast through the rodeo scene and soon the best cowboys were clamoring to compete in what has become the most unique ski rodeo in the country.

This isn’t an all hat and no cattle kind of race. These are the top 100 ProRodeo riders in the country. But while they are used to bringing home first prize and biggest belt buckle in the Western world, their ski skills are a lot less glamorous than most. However, their “no guts no glory” attitude more than makes up for what they lack in form making this one of the most hilarious ski races you will ever see. 

The race ends in their cowboy comfort zone as they jump out of their ski gear, saddle a horse, lasso a person and gallop through the finish line.

The Cowboy Downhill starts at 1pm on January 21, but get to Gondola Square early to see the 4H petting zoo, meet the Denver Broncos cheerleaders and try your hand at a learn to rope clinic. The race takes place on the appropriately named Stampede run (at the base of the mountain) and finishes with a kick up your ski boots free concert in Gondola Square.

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