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Summer Events

May 30th -June 2nd, 2019

Thursday, May 30th: State of the Yampa Address and River Films at the Chief Theater

Friday, May 31st: Fish Creek Race

Saturday, June 1st: Riverside Events, based at Charlie’s Hole near the Library
Sunday, June 2nd: Kayak Slalom event at Rich Weiss Park

Now in its 39th season, the annual Yampa River Festival raises awareness for and helps to protects the 270-mile Yampa River in Northwest Colorado, the last remaining major, a wild river in the seven-state Colorado River basin. This event promises a fun-filled weekend for the whole family, with slalom and downriver races, fun for kids, freestyle competition, 5K Fun Run, the SUP Cup, crazy river dog contest, tubing and raft races and more. Find more information and weekend schedule on the Friends of the Yampa website.


With a gem as priceless as the Yampa River flowing through our backyard, it is important to show our respect. The annual Yampa River Festival, held each spring, is the premier opportunity to show your respect while enjoying spring flows. This year’s Yampa River Festival is scheduled for the weekend of June 3rd in Steamboat Springs Colorado and is sure to thrill participants and spectators alike.

The Yampa River flows through 270 miles of northwest Colorado before joining the Green River in Dinosaur National Park. With only a few small reservoirs in its upper stretches, the Yampa River flows mostly unimpeded, with torrents of cold snowmelt each spring. The free-flowing nature of the Yampa River is unique among the Colorado River system that is otherwise controlled, managed and tapped to its limit.

Annually boaters and anglers descend on the Yampa River each spring to achieve greatness in their respective sports. This spring will be no exception and the Annual Yampa River Festival is a great opportunity to get your feet wet. Whether you kayak, raft, tube, canoe, SUP, packraft or float another craft, the Yampa River Festival has something for everyone. And if you aren’t inclined to jump on the water yourself, there are plenty of opportunities to spectate, have a cold beer, some great food and show your respect for the Yampa River at this year’s Yampa River Festival. A full schedule of events as follows:

Find more information and weekend schedule on the Friends of the Yampa website.