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As part of the requirements for the Vacation Home Rental (VHR) permit for your vacation rental property, we are required to notify you of the following regulations that apply to your stay.  Please make all parties in your group aware of these rules that you are required to follow subject to enforcement and penalties imposed by the City of Steamboat Springs.


Please refer to the maximum number of guests indicated on the page for your home or residence.


No more than six vehicles may be parked overnight outside of garages. All vehicles must be parked on the property.

24 Hour Local Contact information:

Moving Mountains  - 970-870-9359.  If calling after hours for an emergency or issue that requires an immediate response please follow prompts to leave a message for the manager on duty.  You wil receive a call back within 20 minutes.


Please consult check-in documents for detailed information about trash collection day.  A management company representative will remove trash containers to the street for pick up. Please do not take them out yourself the night before as we don’t want to feed the wildlife.  No container other than approved wildlife-proof containers may be used for pick up.


Quiet times are from 7 pm to 7 am.  Please remember you are in a residential area and any violation of city noise or disturbance ordinances could result in a fine or removal from the property.

Prohibited Activities:

  • Outdoor sleeping.
  • Any outdoor activity at which more than twice the number of allowed occupants are in attendance.
  • Tents or other outdoor structures, whether deemed temporary or permanent.
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • The preparation of any food on site for persons other than occupants and their guests


If the City Planning Director has reasonable grounds to believe that the information provided in the Application is inaccurate, has become inaccurate, or that prohibited activities are occurring at the Property, the Director may require an inspection of the Property on 24-hour advanced notice to the Owner, Property Management Company, or other agent or local contact person for the Owner.

The penalties for violations shall be as follows: 

  • For the first violation within any 12-month period, the penalty shall be $250.00;
  • For a second violation within any 12-month period, the penalty shall be a fine of $500.00;
  • For third violation and all subsequent violations within any 12-month period, the penalty shall be a fine of $1,000.00;

Each calendar day there is a failure to comply with Additional Criteria and each day a Prohibited Activity takes place may be considered by the Municipal Court as a separate and distinct violation. 

These Violations and Penalties shall be in addition to any other violations of law that may be charged under the Steamboat Springs Municipal Code, including, without limitation, Noise Pollution (§ 7-61 et seq.) and Nuisances (§ 15-1 et seq.).

In addition to the violations and penalties set forth in this section, the City shall be entitled to all other remedies in law or equity, including, without limitation, seeking an injunction in any court of competent jurisdiction.