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As a Moving Mountains guest, we have a team of esteemed chefs available for you to plan a private chef dining experience in the comfort of your vacation home. 

Eating out is fun, and cooking for a crowd is exhilarating for some, but there's nothing quite like enjoying a relaxed and stress-free dinner party when someone else is handling all of the details. 

Our personal chefs will work with you on creating the perfect dinner menu for your family or group. We do all of the planning and prepping for the dinner. We arrive with ingredients and tools in hand and prepare your menu right in the kitchen of your vacation home. While you enjoy your guests, we will serve and clear each of the courses. After the last course is served, we will quietly clean your kitchen leaving you with no other responsibility than entertaining your guests.

Having a private chef dinner in the beautiful mountain home you have chosen is the perfect 'cherry on top' of your vacation.