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Robin & Heather Craigen

Craigen Family

We look forward to welcoming you...

Moving Mountains is a family-run, locally owned business. We care because we live and breathe your vacation experiences every day and hearing how much you have enjoyed your vacation is still something that we live for.  We moved to the Rocky Mountains in 1998 after several successful years in the Caribbean aboard the charter yacht "Endless Summer II ". We made the move from a boat to land to establish a new type of vacation rental business focused on exceptional experiences and to offer us a family base for the future. We welcomed our daughter Maddie to the world in July 2002 and our son Chili in 2005. 

We have enjoyed past sailing guests and many new friends coming to stay with us. From our very first home, our business has grown beyond all recognition.  Moving Mountains now represents the finest collection of vacation homes in Steamboat and we have expanded to include new options for homeowners and guests in Vail and Beaver Creek. We continue to lead in guest satisfaction with exceptional catered services alongside the greatest selection of concierge services in the Rocky Mountains. 

Moving Mountains has been successful in more ways then we dared to imagine and we now have a dedicated team that shares our passion and helps us daily to deliver the same great experiences we began with over 20 years ago. We have also enjoyed great media coverage- including Ski Magazine, USA Today, Forbes, and many other great publications. We have been recognized as a "Best of the Boat" winner for Property Management in Steamboat and we most recently received the Destinationaire Award from the Slick Talk Podcast.

We are delighted to enjoy many repeat bookings each year. We love being part of your family traditions and catching up on each other’s lives each year.  Word of mouth referrals have been integral to our success - please continue to spread the word!

Our aim is to provide you with a memorable and relaxing vacation.
We will "move a mountain" if that's what it takes!

Robin & Heather


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