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I grew up outside of Atlanta and headed to college at a small state school in south Georgia- Valdosta State University. After college Jeff, my now husband, and I traveled and explored Central and South America. Hungry for new experiences we then made our way to Alaska, working and playing seasonally outside of Denali National Park. We landed in Costa Rica for a winter- Pura Vida!- and after our second summer in Alaska, settled in Steamboat in 2011 and forgot to leave. We have a son, Jack.

I love dance, hiking, backpacking, and camping. I always find time to travel for escape, adventure, and to remind me of the beauty that exists outside of my bubble. 

My passion for connecting with people along with my love of travel and nature, has led me to the Steamboat hospitality industry. Having worked closely with Moving Mountains during my time at One Steamboat Place, I’ve witnessed the Moving Mountains team’s collaboration, dedication, and genuine care for owners, guests, and each other…just what I was looking for! Happy to be on board!