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28 Jun 2019
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38th Annual Hot Air Balloon Rodeo & 45th Annual Art in the Park: July 13 - 14, 2019

It’s the most colorful weekend of the summer and its palette stretches from the skies above Bald Eagle Lake all the way downtown to Steamboat’s West Lincoln Park.

Hot Air Balloon Rodeo

Balloon Rodeo | Moving Mountains

 The annual Hot Air Balloon Rodeo and Art in the Park events offer artistry both on and off canvases, making this weekend a highlight of Steamboat Springs, Colorado in the summertime.

 Don’t just watch from your chalet, get to the launch grounds early to see the balloon inflation up close. Yes, it’s an early morning, (so prepare to caffeinate) but it’s well worth it. You’re not only treated to a Steamboat sunrise, but also to the unique experience of watching the pilots fire up these vibrant flying machines before they dot the Steamboat sky. 

 Bring your camera! When the balloons float over Bald Eagle Lake, it’s photographic gold.  It’s not just a float and fly away kind of event. The pilots compete in contests like dipping their basket into Bald Eagle Lake, creating splashy photo opps for all the viewers.

 Balloon Glow

Steamboat Balloon Glow | Moving Mountains

On Saturday night, head over to downtown’s Howelsen Hill for the jaw-dropping balloon glow. If the winds cooperate (and as the sun sets), a few of the hot air balloons will be inflated and tethered throughout the area, lighting up the night sky. Live music, a beer garden and more kids’ activities round out this festive evening.

See the full 2019 Hot Air Balloon Rodeo Weekend Schedule Here >>

45th Annual Art in the Park   

Steamboat Art in the Park | Moving Mountains

After the balloon rodeo, head on over to Art in the Park, where more colorful vistas await. This arts festival is always a favorite with 160 artist vendors, live music, food trucks, and a children’s art area.

Art in the Park is free to the public and features 150 artist vendors, live entertainment, food and drink vendors, and an interactive children’s art area. This popular event takes place over Hot Air Balloon Rodeo Weekend, which draws large crowds of over 10,000 people through a weekend of fun and excitement.

Art in the Park takes place at West Lincoln Park on the west end of Steamboat Springs. The event is open from 9am - 5pm on Saturday, and 9am - 4pm on Sunday. Learn more about Art in the Park here.

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