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16 Jul 2019
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Steamboat Vacation Planning

Summer is in full swing right about now. The 4th of July is behind us, the BBQ’s have been fired up for several weeks, and everyone’s bedtimes have gotten later and later. 

But summer is fleeting, and soon it’ll be time to stop dashing through the sprinkler and, instead, start dashing through the snow. 

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While it might seem premature to be thinking about a ski vacation in July, there’s no time to waste. With temperatures around the country soaring towards triple digits, the dream of a white Christmas is as mouth-watering as a bowl of homemade peach ice cream.  

Planning your winter holiday right about now isn’t just a way to alleviate the dog days of summer, it’s a way to extend the carefree camaraderie that defines our warmer months. 

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The nightly gathering with family and friends around the outdoor fire can easily move indoors to cozy snuggles around the fireplace. Water skis can be traded for snow skis, bocce balls for snowballs. Boat rides for chairlift rides. Paddleboards for snowboards. Sandcastles for snow angels. The family fun time doesn’t have to end just because summer is over, it just might require a few more layers of clothing.

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Camping out in the backyard and sleeping under the stars isn’t what we would recommend when the snow falls, so for winter change it up at one of our luxurious chalets and enjoy  “glamping out” and sleeping under a 5-star experience instead!. 

Our version of glamping includes a roof, 4-walls, multiple floors, dual living rooms, rec rooms, wine bars, expansive kitchens with high-end appliances, marble baths, private hot tubs, high-thread-count sheets, down comforters, private shuttles, boot heaters, ski valet, concierge and so much more. Oh, and unlike summer camping, we guarantee - no mosquitos!

If you’re ready to bring the summer block party or extended family reunion to Steamboat this winter, you might want to explore a few of our Grande chalet options. These oversized home combos provide even more space for large families, groups of friends, corporate retreats or anyone needing accommodations for up to 32 people under one roof. 

And remember, with many mouths to feed staying under one roof, our fully catered chalet options really take the Grande experience to the next level because our staff will handle all the logistics of meals and private transportation, including airport pickup.

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