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1 Jan 2021

Steamboat Mountain Dining, Timber and TorchReady to hit the slopes and unsure what the dining options are at Steamboat, Vail and Beaver Creek due to restrictions? We break it down for you below. Please check back as things may change throughout the season.  

As of 1/1/2021, here are the on-mountain dining options and procedures for Steamboat Springs, Vail and Beaver Creek Resorts:  


Steamboat Resort Mountain Dining 

A few things to keep in mind while dining on the mountain at Steamboat Resort, indoor dining is currently regulated to 25% occupancy at all establishments with seatingThere are three ways to dine on the mountain: grab & go, first come/first served, and reservations-only dining. There are also takeout options offered at each establishment. 

Please don't plan on camping out in the lodges and restaurants this year. Once you are finished dining, head back out to the slopes to make room for the next guest. 

If you plan to dine on the mountain, download the Steamboat Mobile App before you go, it is required for Ordering and Paying at many of the restaurants.  


Takeout is available from all locations, however, several establishments have menus that are designed to grab & go and eat while you are outdoors or on the go. Some locations also offer indoor dining, but grab & go options, as well.  

Gondola Joe’s 
Steamboat Mountain Dining, Gondola Joe'sLocation: Gondola Square 
Ordering: Mobile Order & Pay (pick-up at window) or Order In-person for grab-and-go options 
Seating: No indoor seating, all grab & go 
Menu: Pastries, lunch options, Coffee, Powder Day donuts, snacks & more 
Hours: 7am-5pm 


Go Joe’s Express 
Location: Thunderhead Lodge Main Level, Top of Gondola 
Menu: Coffee, Breakfast Burritos, Pastries, Juices, Sodas & more 
Ordering: In-person 
Seating: No indoor seating, all grab & go 
Hours: 8:30am-3:30pm 

Gnarly Charly’s  
Location: Base area, Gondola Square 
Menu: Pizza by slice or whole pies 
Ordering: Mobile Order & Pay and In-Person ordering, Pick-up Window & Ordering Window 
Seating: Limited outdoor seating, No indoor seating 
Hours: 10:30am-8pm 

Taco Beast 
Steamboat Mountain Dining, Taco BeastLocation: Roaming on-mountain, Snowcat Food Truck. Follow @TacoBeastSBT on Twitter for location updates. 
Menu: Tacos and Esquites 
Ordering: In-Person Order & Pay 
Seating: Outdoor seating, very limited 
Hours: Thu-Sun, 11am-2:30pm 


Pizza Ranger 
Steamboat Mountain Dining, Pizza RangerLocation: Delivery to Bashor Picnic Pavilion 
Menu: Pizza, slices and whole pies 
Ordering: Mobile Order & Pay – order 45 min. Before pickup time 
Seating: No indoor seating, Limited outdoor seating 
Hours: 11am-3pm 



If you would like to dine indoors while skiing at Steamboat Resort, walk up to the door of the lodge and a host will greet you letting you know if there is space available – this goes for all indoor seating, even food courts.   

Once inside, Steamboat Resort has a new process for you to follow, to make it as easy and socially distanced as possible:  

  1. You will be sat at your table by a host – even in food courts. (Incomplete parties will not be sat, no exceptions.) 

  1. Each table is numbered and contains a QR code. 

  1. Using your mobile device, scan the QR code, and the menu for that location will pop up. 

  1. Order from that lodge's menu. Input your table number and pay from your seat. Your food will be brought to your table. 

  1. The entire transaction, from browsing menus, ordering and paying, will be completed on your phone. 

Rendezvous Lodge Food Court 
Location: Halfway down High Noon 
Menu: Large array of lunch choices with Asian specialties, burgers, pizza, salads, and soups 
Ordering: Mobile Order & Pay from your table from Steamboat App; Takeout also available from app 
Seating: Lodge Host will seat you, 25% Indoor Capacity or Deck Seating – host at deck entrance doors 
Hours: 10am-2:30pm 

Rendezvous Tent  
Steamboat Mountain Dining, Rendezvous TentLocation: South Peak Flats 
Menu: Sausages, snacks and bar 
Ordering: In-Person Order & Pay 
Seating: Outdoor tent seating, very limited, Tent Host will seat you 
Hours: 10am-3pm 



Four Points Lodge  
Location: Top of Four Points Chair Lift
Menu: Soups, Salads, Sandwiches, Pastas, Snacks
Ordering: Mobile Order & Pay at seat, or Takeout, No Cash 
Seating: 25% Indoor Seating, Outdoor Deck, Lodge Host will seat you 
Hours: 10am-2:30pm 

Thunderhead Third Floor Food Court 
Steamboat Mountain Dining, Thunderhead Food CourtLocation: Top of Gondola
Menu: Sandwiches, Soups, Salads, Entrees, Sides, Snacks and more
Ordering: Mobile Order & Pay at seat, or Takeout, No Cash 
Seating: 25% Indoor seating, Lodge Host will seat you 
Hours: 10am-2:30pm  



Timber & Torch Grill 
Location: Base of Mountain, Gondola Square 
Menu: Burgers, Salads, Sandwiches, Soups, Light Snacks, Drinks  
Ordering: In-Person Order & Pay at window, Pick-Up at window 
Seating: Outdoor seating 
Hours: 10:30am-5pm 

Last Tracks 
Location: Base Area, Torian Plum Plaza 
Menu: Soup, beer and more  
Ordering: In-Person Order & Pay at counter, Pick-Up at window 
Seating: Outdoor dining 
Hours: 10:30am-Sunset 


Steamboat Mountain Dining, Ragnar'sLocation: Inside Rendezvous Lodge, ski-in/ski-out location, no walking access 
Menu: Gourmet lunch with a Scandinavian flair, pastas, seafood, game & beef specials 
Ordering: In-Person 
Seating: Reservations Required Through OpenTable, Host will seat you 
Hours: 10am-2:30pm 


Stoker Bar & Lunch  
Location: First Floor, Thunderhead Lodge
Menu: Sandwiches, Soups, Bar Food
Ordering: In-Person
Seating: Reservations Required Through OpenTable, Host will seat you 
Hours: 10am-3:30pm 

Timber & Torch  
Location: Base of Mountain, Gondola Square 
Menu: Wings, Nachos, Salads, Soups, Burgers, Entrees and more
Ordering: In-Person
Seating: Reservations Required Through OpenTable, Host will seat you (T&T Grill has outdoor seating, no reservations required) 
Hours: 10:30am-8pm 



Vail Resort Mountain Dining 

Dining at Vail Resort this year will be operating according to capacity in accordance with local and state regulations, this currently allows 25% capacity for indoor dining. Our biggest suggestion is to plan ahead! 

If you are hoping to dine on the mountain this season, please make sure that you download the EpicMix app. This will give you access to ‘Time to Dine’ which is Vail’s reservations platform to make sure you have a spot secured for your meal.  

Please note that there are several restaurants that are closed this season. List below has all details.  

Quick-Service Restaurants - No Reservations 

Menus have been updated at Vail’s quick-service restaurant to have ready-to-go hot and cold food options for you.  

Vail Mountain Dining

      • Buffalo’s  
      • Belle’s Camp 
      • Dawg Haus 
      • Express Lift 
      • Golden Peak Grill 



Time to Dine Restaurants – Reservations 

A way to help plan your meals, Time to Dine allows you to book a mealtime. Time slots open daily at 7 a.m. through the EpicMix app 

  • Mid-Vail 
  • Two Elk Lodge 
  • Eagle’s Nest 
  • Wildwood Smokehouse 
  • The 10th 

Closed Restaurants This Season 

  • Game Creek Restaurant 
  • Bistro Fourteen (will be used for Eagle’s Nest overflow seating) 
  • Waffle Way (open as shelter only) 
  • Grills at Henry’s Hut, Belle’s Camp and Top of Chair 5 

Beaver Creek Resort Mountain Dining 

All mountain transactions will be cashless at Beaver Creek.  

Similar to Vail, if you are hoping to dine on the mountain this season, please make sure that you download the EpicMix app. This will give you access to ‘Time to Dine’ which is Beaver Creek’s reservations platform to make sure you have a spot secured for your meal. 

Quick-Service Restaurants - No Reservations 

Mamie’s Mountain Grill 
Beaver Creek Mountain Dining, Mamie's Mountain GrillLocation: Top of Bachelor Gulch Express Chairlift #16 
Menu: Grab & go items, ready-to-drink cocktails, beer and wine 
Seating: Very limited indoor seating 





Broken Arrow 
Location: Arrowhead Village at the base of Arrow Bahn Express Lift #17 
Menu: Artisan deli sandwiches and salads, American grill w/ burgers, fries, chicken strips, soups 
Seating: Large sunny deck and indoor dining room 

The Parlour 
Location: Top of Haymeadow Express Gondola #1 
Menu: Beers, Canned wines, ready-to-drink cocktails, hot chocolate, coffee, candy, cookies, and some sandwiches and salads 
Seating: NO indoor seating or public restrooms, Limited variety of outdoor seats 

Time to Dine Restaurants – Reservations 

Spruce Saddle 
Location: Top of Centennial Express Lift #6 
Menu: Artisan deli sandwiches, grain bowls and salads, American grill w/ burgers, fries and chicken strips, pizza, soups, ready-to-drink cocktails, canned beers and wine, non-alcoholic beverages 
Seating: Reservations required 

Talons Restaurant 
Beaver Creek Mountain Dining, TalonsLocation: Nestled in the hub of Birds of Prey, Larkspur, and Grouse Mountain lifts 
Menu: Artisan deli sandwiches and salads, American grill w/ burgers, fries and chicken strips, soups, popup Candy Cabin cart 
Seating: Reservations required for limited indoor seating, plethora of outside seating options 



Fine Dining in Beaver Creek Village – Reservations Required 

Beaver Creek Mountain Dining, ToscaniniLocation: Toscanini is nestled at the base of Beaver Creek Mountain, next to the skating rink in the heart of the village. 
Menu: Fine dining, New a la carte menu, New takeout menu including family meal packages 
Seating: Reservations required for indoor dining, walk-in seating on patio

Closed Restaurants This Season 

  • SaddleRidge 
  • Candy Cabin 
  • Cookie Cabin 
  • Beano’s Cabin 
  • Allie’s Cabin 
  • Zach’s Cabin